When you’ve been surrounded by so much excitement over the holidays, it’s normal to get back home and feel a little restless, or even lonely after you’ve said goodbye to loved ones. You may even feel a little guilty for eating more food than you meant to or going a bit over budget. But don’t worry- Hendrick Urgent Care is here to help you turn that frown upside down, and to keep your blues at bay.

Something that people tend to overlook after the holidays is the importance of sleep. Naturally you don’t want to miss out on anything when people are hustling and bustling, but too little sleep can lead to some serious side effects. This includes a compromised immune system, which can lead you to catching a cold or the flu more easily. So, when you finally have your house to yourself, take a good, long nap, or go to bed early without setting an alarm. Your body will thank you for it, and your mind will be ready to get back to business.

If you feel like you overindulged a bit when it came to tasty meals and treats, taking a short walk or doing a little workout will probably help. In addition to getting you back into your usual workout groove, it will also release endorphins, which will in turn give your mood a boost, and will also help your immune system, so it can fight off any bugs you may have picked up during your holiday travels. Hendrick Urgent Care also offers physicals, so you can ease back into a good routine without fear of overdoing it with exercise.

Cooking may be the last thing you want to do after preparing so many rich foods. However, by cooking your own meals rather than eating leftovers or ordering takeout, you can take some good steps to getting back into pre-holiday shape. Preparing some fish or a salad is a great way to start your food habits for the new year off to a great start.

Whether you’re already meeting up with people for a post-holiday get-together, or are enjoying some well-deserved downtime, Hendrick Urgent Care is here to help you feel your best. We treat minor illnesses such as colds, coughs, headaches, the flu, and more. We also treat minor injuries such as cuts and lacerations. To learn more about us, or to save time by registering online for a visit to Hendrick Urgent Care, visit our website.