At Hendrick Urgent Care, our goal is to ensure that all our patients have the best experience every time they visit our clinic. We are committed to offering our patients the very best care. See what they have to say about us…

Great response when calling to schedule an appointment. My family and I were all seen very quickly. The provider and staff were very informative and extremely nice during our visit. We even received a follow up call the next day to check in and find out how we were feeling and answer any additional questions. Exceptional service! Brownwood has been needing a clinic like this for some time. Thank you!

Jenniffer R.

Loved the PA and staff. Online registering was great and saved time!

Natali G.

We had an amazing experience at Hendrick Urgent Care. The staff was kind, helpful & friendly to my three year old daughter who wasn’t feeling well. They saw us quickly, the clinic was very clean & I was extremely pleased all the way around. They even called the next day to check on her & see how she was handling her antibiotics! Fabulous customer service & we will definitely be back!

Marsha S.