Back-to-School prep isn’t just for the kids – it’s also one for parents. Between purchasing supplies, getting uniforms, and making sure they’re sticking to their summer reading, it can all be a little overwhelming. Not to mention adding a new routine to the mix if they want to be involved in school activities! We’re here to tell you there’s no reason to be concerned, as Hendrick Urgent Care has some suggestions for things parents can do to make sure their kids have an easy transition into back-to-school habits.

Get a physical with Hendrick Urgent Care before they start playing .

If your child is particularly active and wants to be involved in sports, getting your child a physical is a great way to prepare them. By getting a physical, they, and you, can be sure that there are no potential issues that could arise while they’re out on the field. It can also give you things to be aware of, so you can nip any potential problems in the bud. Hendrick Urgent Care provides physicals to patients of all ages and is here to make sure you feel completely at ease before your child heads out the door.

Double-check the School List.

Typically schools will send you check-lists of supplies you may need for class. While they will usually have things such as pens, notebooks, and binders listed, the list may also include things such as sunscreen, hand sanitizer, and more. Following these guides will ensure that your child is ready to tackle the upcoming school year, so both of you can rest easy.

Make sure they’ve got the proper footwear.

Whether riding their bikes, running on the track team, or just going from class to class, having the correct kinds of shoes for different activities can make all the difference in a child’s comfort. Nothing ruins a good time like blisters, so making sure they have the right kinds of shoes is an absolute must. Another important factor in foot comfort is their backpack weight. Be sure to get one that fits well, even when full of books, so your child can go through the day comfortably.

Create a Healthy Care Package.

When it comes to schools, your child should be prepared for more than just tests. You can help them make healthy snacking choices by making sure they have a refillable water bottle and some healthy snacks. And if you’re worried about germs floating around in school, some hand sanitizer that they can carry in their bags will go a long way to helping your kids avoid them.

Avoid Stress – Keep a calendar.

Going back to school can be a bit of a transition for your family, especially if you haven’t had to worry about schedules for the entire summer. A way to help get back into the groove of things is to get a family calendar, and make a schedule, so that your kids know what’s coming up and you can create a routine. We recommend keeping it in a common area for the whole family to lay eyes on, daily!

Book it to quality care!

Hendrick Urgent Care is here to make sure your entire family feels good and is ready to go in the morning. We’re here for you whether your kid gets a sprained ankle playing soccer or catches the flu from a classmate. Hendrick Urgent Care offers sports physicals, and we can see patients three months and older. We also offer virtual care to patients over 12 years of age, and we have convenient online services to speed up and simplify your experience. To learn more about us, or to schedule a visit online, explore our website.