Two people looking distraught.

We’ve all felt down on a gloomy day. For a lot of people, it hard to energetic and happy when it’s cloudy outside. However, during this time of year, the weather can have a far greater effect on us than we might think. When the sun doesn’t shine sometimes weeks at a time, it can cause people to feel unhappy, listless, and even depressed. If this is how you feel during the winter months, you may suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder, or SAD.

SAD occurs during the winter months when the sky is frequently overcast, and the weather is rarely sunny. Aside from lowering a person’s mood, it can also cause oversleeping, overeating, social withdrawal, and anxiety, among several other things.

However, there are some things you can do to help alleviate your spirits during this time.

  • Take Vitamin D
    Many people who suffer from SAD have a Vitamin D deficiency, which helps keep energy levels up and support the immune and nervous systems. Vitamin D supplements may be just the ticket to help you get that pep in your step back until the sun comes out again.
  • Try Light Therapy
    Sunshine is important because it causes the body to naturally produce Vitamin D, which, as stated above, also elevates energy levels and improves people’s moods. With a Light Lamp, you can get those effects during the winter. Sitting in front of a Light Lamp for 30-45 minutes is shown to have a positive effect on people suffering from SAD.
  • Talk to Someone
    If this time of year is especially tough, consider going to speak to a professional. They can help you deal with any symptoms you may be feeling, especially if you’re experiencing significant depression. Even if the symptoms are milder, it can be good to speak to someone about what you’re going through. They may have options to help you feel better.

Although things may seem dark right now, remember that the sun and spring will both come around again to brighten things up. But if you’re seriously struggling, don’t wait; reach out to a professional today.